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Welcome Anime Fans to my anime website.  Here you will see anime images from my very own personal collection.  All the anime you see are ones that I own.

Also for you anime fans something special is on my website, its what i call anime question of the week.  Where the question will involve anime.

Listen up Anime Fans a continuation of this site is being under construction the pages that will be put on will be Dragonball Z, Maburaho, and Najica.

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Star Wars
Episode III Revenge of the Sith

My latest Anime

My new anime is Love Hina, Maburaho, Najica, and Elfen Lied.  All anime's are very well done.  Each one dealing with strong willed female characters. 
Love Hina which everyone should know about.  The legendary story about Keitaro and Naru in finding the promise girl and getting into Tokyo U.  The only bad thing about this anime is if you have read the manga to this series you will realize that the people that made the anime left out so much of the ending of the manga in the anime that it is really upsetting so if u have read the manga you will be disappointed with the anime ending.
Maburaho is a well done anime.  It is the story about Kazuki who is a magician who goes to an all magician school.  He is not very popular and the difference between him and other magicians is he can only use his magic eight times after that he turns to dust.  No girlfriend, girls don't take any interest in him until all of a sudden three hot gurls Yuna, Kuriko, and Rin.  Each with there own agenda, with Kazuki but all have one goal: his genes.  Maburaho is a very well done anime i know i have said it already but i really mean it.  The comedy is great, the characters you can love and get attached to easily, and the story is played out wonderfully.
Najica Blitz Tactics is an anime that has spies and perfume cosmetics.  It deals with the secret agent
Najica Hiiragi and her andriod partner Lila.  They go and take down bad guys. Najica is an anime that mixes Noir, Heat Guy J, and Colorful.  This anime is just like the other ones that are like it.  It is worth watching and now with the perfect collection out for $30 it is actually worth paying for.


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